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Sealife 05/19/2022 Sea level rise, explained
Seas are predicted to rise a foot by 2050, regardless of how much global carbon emissions can be reduced. Why is this happening, and what can we do to adapt? Read more
Sealife 05/09/2022 The Gulf Stream continues to slow down
The United States and Europe’s weather is shaped by the Gulf Stream, which is continuing to slow down as more fresh water enters the current Read more
Locals 05/06/2022 Un leader du surf arrive à Marennes
Premier fabricant français sous marque propre, UWL Surfboards prépare son arrivée dans la commune. Un investissement d’environ 1,7 million d’euros pour une ouverture prévue en novembre 2023. Read more
Leisure 03/22/2022 World Surf League Releases Updated 2022 Challenger Series Schedule
Challenger Series is the ultimate battleground for surfers to showcase their talents for the chance to qualify for the elite Championship Tour (CT) LOS ANGELES, Calif/USA (Tuesday, March 22, 2022) - Today, the World Surf League (WSL) released the updated schedule for the 2022 Challenger Series (CS), the ultimate battleground for surfers to showcase their ...
Locals 05/26/2021 Canada Declares Plastic Toxic
Canada is saying BYE to plastic! 🇨🇦  The Canadian government has officially added plastic to its list of toxic substances, paving the way for the implementation of bans on single-use plastic straws, shopping bags, six-pack rings, takeout containers, and cutlery. The legislation will also force plastic producers to pay to recycle their waste, shifting the ...
Locals 11/11/2020 Ocean News | The Hurricane 2020 division has just established a new list
Ocean News | The Hurricane 2020 division has just established a new list. The Atlantic Hurricane Division has finished naming hurricanes for the 2020 season. This is breaking a brand new record for the number of storms in a single season. The last storm is a Subtropical Storm called Theta. It developed in a single ...
Ocean Stories 10/22/2020 Oceanwish | The first international multi language portal dedicated to all the Ocean lovers
OCEANWISH exists to provide ocean lovers and visitors with plenty of awesome information and tips. We give free visibility to support the development of the local economy of our coasts; we give voice and visibility to talented oceanographer researchers. Passion reliability and respect for the environment are our values clic for more inspiration The Story ...
Cuisine 04/24/2020 Beach Craft
Beach Craft How to decorate your space to make it looks like you're living on the beach! Here are some creative and interesting DIY ideas Read more
Ocean Stories 04/11/2020 Farol, une aventure humaine
Oceanwish 100% à la main en France, à La Rochelle" clic for more inspiration L’Aventure Le premier couteau FAROL est né en 1995 aux Açores, îles portugaises volcaniques au milieu de l’Atlantique, dans le carré de Rinpo’ché, un voilier en escale. Le skipper, Sylvain Berthommé, fait le tour de l’Atlantique en famille et le soir ...
Cuisine 04/09/2020 Basmati à la crème de crevettes
France "Un goût d’orient pour vos papilles" clic for more inspiration About Le basmati est une variété de riz aromatique à grain long et fin qui provient traditionnellement du sous-continent indien. Le basmati a été introduit au Moyen-Orient et en Asie centrale par des commerçants indiens arabes et musulmans. Il reste non seulement un élément ...