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OceanWish is a multicategory portal that unites ocean lovers to support and promote the local businesses of our coasts, emphasizing their authenticity and ecological spirit.

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The Gulf Stream continues to slow down

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Oceanwish | The first international multi language portal dedicated to all the Ocean lovers

Così ho navigato 1000 miglia di bolina in oceano (con un 9 metri vecchio 50 anni)

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Copenhagen unveils stunning network of floating public parks

Spaghetti with Tuna and Capers

Grèce : Spetses, la dolce vita dans les îles Saroniques

I trucchi per fare gli spaghetti con la colatura di alici da urlo

Jack London, une vie aussi palpitante que ses livres

L’algoritmo “marino” modificato per dare la caccia al coronavirus – Osservatorio IA

Beach Craft

Soöruz et sa Green Line en BiöPRENE

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Farol, une aventure humaine

Vintage Travel Posters Are Reimagined for Social Distancing

Basmati à la crème de crevettes

This 64-year old is the oldest woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean

Prawn fideuà recipe

Our Oceans from Above

Case Study | San Diego Smartfin

Great Barrier Reef watchers anxiously await evidence of coral bleaching from aerial surveys

Après 20 ans passés dans un aquarium, une tortue parcourt le monde

Coronavirus | A Global Ban

Linguine all’imperiale

Basmati with shrimp cream

Earthquakes can make it harder for whales to find food, first-ever study says

Un petit Paradis sur Terre, Découvrez l’île des Embiez

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Gollito Estredo “Life Wind” Colombia

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We’re Pulling Tuna Out Of The Ocean At Unprecedented And Unsustainable Rates

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The girl with a dream

The Blue Carbon initiative – Ocean & Climate Initiatives Alliance

Ship logs from 19th whaling vessels for climate data

5 Gyres, Sailor Scientists Fighting Plastic Pollution

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I mobili Ikea nascono dalla plastica del Mediterraneo

Scientists are putting antibiotics into the ocean on purpose. And it’s our only hope.

We’re all “Sentinels of the Sea”

How to Grill Seafood for the Very Best Results

The Pole House, la casa sospesa sull’oceano che incanta i passanti.

Les huîtres de l’ile d’Oléron à travers l’histoire

Kitesurf à Oléron, des spots de Kite Surf incontournables en Charente Maritime

Les Pays de la Loire à vélo La Vendée à vélo

The sticky problem of plastic wrap

Surf Expo Castello di Santa Severa | 21esima Edizione

Nei nostri mari 20 specie in grave pericolo.

Foiling Week Garda 2019

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È il capitalismo che sta uccidendo la natura, non l’umanità

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